Dealing With Anxiety

By now, I'm sure you've learned that life can toss you curve-balls. If you haven't had struggles in your life, please, let me know what you are doing! Developing anxiety is one of, if not the biggest, curve-ball I have ever encountered in my life. Depending on which of my friends, or family, you ask about my personality, you may get different answers. Quiet. Shy. Outgoing. Goofy. Introverted. Extroverted. Ambiverted (yes, that is a real thing - it's a mixture of both introverted and extroverted). In reality, I am someone who deals with anxiety. But, I have learned to deal with anxiety, and become a successful business owner; and I want to teach you, yes you, how you can manage your anxiety, or help others you know and love who may be dealing with anxiety and become successful in your life!


So, more about myself. I was born and raised in Southern California (SoCal), and I will always consider Corona as my hometown. I have always been an ambivert growing up - meaning, I open up to those I am close to and adapt to social situations. If you know me personally, you may find me as funny, weird, fun. If we first have met, you may think I'm quiet, shy, or closed-off. During the end of my Junior year of High School, I was living the life of "I don't care what others think of me" mentality, and I've had wonderful experiences doing so. My Senior year of high school was really fun. I joined many clubs (including gaming club, chess club, and a Unity club), participated in choir, did sports, you get the picture. I would consider myself as popular, not in the sense that others admired me like the movies, but because I made friends in all sorts of cliques. 


I had this mentality all the way into my early 20's, and even when I was married. I became a father to a wonderful, healthy son and I was loving life. One day, symptons of anxiety hit me. I randomly couldn't sleep at nights. It was EXTREMELY hard to be in social situations and it got so bad to a point where I would avoid people (including friends and family). Have you ever felt this way? Do you know anyone who has done this, or feels this way?


As a naive high-schooler, because I viewed the world as a glass half-filled, I couldn't grasp the concept of mental disorders very well. It was only when I developed it myself that I understood why social events (which I thought were fun and important) could be hard for someone else.


1. LOOK FOR TRIGGERS: Okay, everyone deals with anxiety differently. Here are some symptoms you may notice in yourself, or those around you dealing with anxiety. 

- Having trouble sleeping

- Experiencing gastrointestinal (GI) problems

- Breathing rapidly (hyperventilation)

- Trouble concentrating or thinking about anything other than the present worry

- Having a sense of impending danger, panic or doom

2. BE ACTIVE: Working out and exercising is one of the biggest contributors of curing anxiety. If you find it hard to go to the gym alone, start off with at home exercises, then, take someone close to you to work out with them! It is a win-win. They can be your safe buddy while in the gym, and they could use your motivation to get to the gym themselves. Haha.

3. CONSIDER SUPPLEMENTS: No, not necessarily protein. There are supplements like Lemon-balm and Omega-3 fatty acids that can help reduce anxiety acids.


4. PLAY VIDEO GAMES: Yes, this seems far-fetched. But, this is honestly a huge contributor of how I reduced my anxiety. Video games these days are reward giving. They present you with tasks that when you complete them, gives you reward for your contribution. These rewards triggers dopamine, and grants those with anxiety with immediate happiness. BE SURE TO LIMIT YOUR SCREEN-TIME!!! Have someone you know and love help you to be accountable with how much time you spend on video games.  

5. BREATHE: I know, simple, right? But, taking a moment for yourself to breathe when your feeling anxious with help lower your anxiety. Life is busy, hectic, stressful. Take a moment for yourself and breathe. 

I know that if you apply these in your life that you will find more happiness and less anxiety. If you don't have anxiety, keep these tips in mind for when you come across someone with this terrible disorder. 

Do you have any other tips that has helped you with your anxiety?! Write us a comment, or consider writing us a letter us know how you deal with anxiety!

Check-out these websites to learn more on symptoms of anxiety and how to deal with it.



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