Let's face it. Some of us, no matter how hard we try, cannot dot our "i"'s or cross our "t"'s as well as someone else we know. Some are born naturally with the talent of flawless handwriting, whereas majority of people (no matter how many years they've been writing) have the "chicken-scrap" style of writing. Some may think that with technology advances and e-mailing that the use of handwriting is not needed. But, here are 3 reasons why you should practice handwriting:

1. BEST FORM OF COMMUNICATION: There is a reason why 98% of all handwritten mail are opened. It is because handwritten letters are associated as personal messages dedicated to the receiver. Which, they are! We love receiving handwritten mail because we know that the sender has taken some of their personal time out of their day to write to you. And let's be honest, the receiver does not matter the style of your handwriting, they just care for the thought-out, personal message dedicated for them. Just make sure that the writing is legible. 
2. ENHANCE CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS: When you write you are using critical thinking skills. You gather information, sometimes have to analyze or observe of how much space you have to work with to produce good, handwritten material. Learning how to articulate your thoughts and write them down is definitely a complex learning skill. 
3. IMPROVES YOUR MEMORY: That is "write" (see what I did there?). Handwriting can help you improve your memory. I know this is definitely the reason why I carry pen and paper into my college class rather than typing notes on my laptop - it is because I have learned the material so much better! It does not have to be applied to only students either, writing down to-do lists will help engage your mind on whatever notes you have recently written down. More critical thinking skills go into handwriting rather than typing, therefore, you tend to remember what requires more effort on your part. And you tend to remember things more when it requires effort from you.

Now, that being said. There are some instances were handwriting should not be used for communication. Let's be drastic and think of if you were about to interview a candidate for an important job position for your company. How would you feel if they came into the office and hand you a handwritten resume? Unique? Yes. Effective? No. Handwritten communication has a special place in the world, so we should take advantage of it when we can - we just need to be aware when other forms of communication is needed. 

I encourage you to write a letter to someone you know. It will make their day. Do not be afraid that it may come off "too affectionate". It doesn't. They love the sincerity of it - trust me. They do not care how you dot your "i"'s or cross your "t"'s. Remember, "it's the thought that counts". If you absolutely cannot bare your handwriting, check-out Love From Letters. All you have to do is type what you want to write, and they will write it for you. Just make sure you a send a letter today. What time(s) in your life has receiving a handwritten letter enlightened you?


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