One of my favorite projects I have ever worked on in my life would have to be a scrapbook-journal I made for my girlfriend back in high school. It made for a perfect gift when I gave it to her as our 1-year anniversary gift. If you were to invest time making this scrapbook-journal for your significant other - or this can even be a fun family project - then you are sure to have fun reflecting on fond memories together.

So, what exactly is a scrapbook-journal? It is simply what the name implies - a combination of a typical scrapbook and a journal mixed together, typically closer to a scrapbook-type format. My scrapbook-journal hand more journal entries than pictures, but this was back before iPhones were popular, so it is much easier these days to fill your gift with both plenty of writing AND pictures.

Just think of you manually creating your Instagram account. You should have a captivating picture mixed with fun captions about what happened during that day NOT JUST A CAPTION FOR THE PICTURE! I always found it fun to note what happened immediately before and after the picture. That way, it helped my memory of what happened that day instead of just the picture itself.

I know what you're thinking. We already have social media for these types of projects, why should I create my own? 


1. Social media platforms are not guaranteed to be around forever. Remember Vine? The really popular platform that has helped many Influences today (Logan Paul, Jake Paul, LeLe Pons, etc) have success? Yeah, well, it's gone now. Despite it being loved by fans and content creaters alike, Vine had a poor business model and was shut-down after making poor business decisions. That being said, there is no guarantee that Instagram and Facebook will have an infinite life. I know it seems impossible, but let me assure you that there was a time were MySpace was the number #1 site that everyone used to keep in contact with friends and family. However, Facebook overshadowed it and now way more successful than MySpace. Who knows what the future holds? What I do know is that I don't remember my log-in info, e-mail, or security question answers from over a decade ago, so all that content I had before is lost forever. Trust me, you'll want to make your own tangible scrapbook-journal. 

2. MUCH BETTER than a fancy, expensive gift. Look, I know that I would prefer a scribble drawing from my son more than receiving the most expensive art piece in the world. If you are a parent, you probably understand where I am coming from. If you're not, then you may find that I am crazy to not prefer the most expensive art piece. Even if I didn't enjoy it, I could still turn around and sell it for profit, right? Well, if things were to come down to it, I would still pick my son's drawing. That is because I know that my son made an effort to serve me with his creativity. And it matters more to me than material objects. That is why handwriting (or in this case drawing) is such a powerful tool. It can touch the hearts and spread happiness a lot better than expensive, material objects. 

3. Writing things out can be a great way to reduce anxiety. This is because when you write about your day - you process your feelings. I know for myself that when I wrote things down, it helped me realize the logic in most situations that my anxiety tried to knock me down about. It helped me realize that I can get through situations when anxiety was trying to tell me I can't. In the scrapbook-journal, you can write down important events that happened throughout your day. You will start to realize that you had a good day, and that you had opportunities where you may have been surrounded by loved ones - and, you'll also have a fun with the picture you include in your gift!

4. A fun activity to work with someone. Okay, you may not want to work on this with the person you are trying to surprise. I mean, that would kinda ruin the surprise... Haha. But, this is a great family activity to do. Perhaps, someone else may have a different perspective of the same event that happened in the picture you decide to use. Think of Dura, the Explora when she asked you for your favorite part of the day - you may all went on the exact same adventure, yet all had different experiences. When you come across the scrapbook-journal years later after making it, you will not only love all the nostalgic memories, but you will also reflect all the fun that went into making this gift.

5. MAKE IT YOUR OWN! Yes, the one I made happened to be all the events that my girlfriend at the time and I spent together that year. Some days we didn't see each other, and perhaps some days you will be separated from your love ones you want to include in the scrapbook-journal. That's okay! Do not feel like you are forced to make content. You have the power to design the gift with whatever content you wish to include. You don't have to wait a whole year to create one. Feel free to make monthly scrapbook-journals. Include more in it than journal entries and pictures. Just make sure you put your heart behind this gift, and the receiver will love it. Hopefully more than the most expensive art piece in the world.

Okay, maybe you simply are not creative or have time in the day to make it. Here is a great alternative:

The wreck this journal is a great activity to do with someone. Each page is filled with fun, silly activities like, "stomp your feet on this page", or "use this page as a napkin". My wife and I have done some activities from this book together. This is a real life example of something we created together from this book!

We were instructed to COMPLETELY fill the page with something. This is what we came up with. Tell us what you would do differently in the comments below! I know that these scrapbook-journals have been such an amazing gift in my life. It's always fun to reflect on our memories - which is why I am convinced we love nostalgia so much. Comment below is you would like us to write a blog and give ideas and tips of how to create your scrapbook-journal!

Have a wonderful day!


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